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Other videos we like

PCC's Pumpkin Decorating Party
  • A big thanks to all of you who came out to PCC's Pumpkin Decorating Party! #pccholidays

LaPierre Farms Tour 2014
PCC Greenlake Village Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
PCC Easter Fun
  • PCC Easter Fun (01:42)

    Because of all of you our PCC Easter Fun Event was such a BLAST! Thank you everyone who participated!

How to peel a banana
PCC in March
Happy Valentine's Day!
Halloween Season Fun at PCC
  • Washington State voters will soon decide whether genetically modified foods are labeled, and Washington's "initiative on initiatives." Host Austin Jenkins goes in depth with proponents and opponents of Initiatives 522 and 517.

  • Now Playing at Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF) Cinema — September 27, 2013 @ 7:30 PM and September 28, 2013 @ 3:00 PM.
    Tickets | Info: » http://pcc.coop/watchgmoomg

    Jeremy Seifert's "GMO OMG" explores genetically modified food through an intimate, emotional lens: Should he feed it to his family?

    This eye-opening documentary investigates the systematic corporate takeover of one of our most precious artifacts: seeds. Opening night: Q&A with Pamm Larry, California Grassroots Leader & Initial Instigator of Prop 37.

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Other videos we like

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