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Quick Cooks

Master your spice rack
  • PCC Chef Lynne Vea shows how easy it is to incorporate fresh spices into your cooking. You'll learn how to combine them into a terrific brine for turkey or chicken; how to blend your own pumpkin pie spice; and how to create your very own curry powder in this aromatic tutorial.

Delicious ways to use it in your cooking
  • Cheese is fun to eat on its own and also is a great secret weapon to boost the flavor and appeal of just about any dish. PCC Chef Lynne Vea demonstrates how she uses four types of cheese sure to become staples in your home kitchen — and even shares some chef secrets!

Make your own chicken stock from scratch
  • The secret to incredible soups and risotto? Rich, nourishing homemade stock, made fresh right in your own kitchen. Join PCC Chef Lynne Vea for a step-by-step tutorial in the art of stock-making.

Make your own vegetable stock from scratch
  • Learn how to combine produce, sea vegetables, aromatics and spices into your own custom vegetable stock, ready to flavor your home cooking. PCC Chef Lynne Vea shares her tips and tricks.

Introducing Quick Cooks
  • Don't miss the October 26 debut of our new video series: Quick Cooks! Join PCC Chef Lynne Vea for step-by-step tutorials on a variety of helpful kitchen skills, including how to make your own soup stock from scratch; great ways to use cheese in your cooking; and how to blend spices for your own custom turkey brine.

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