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Meet Our Producers

Inaba Produce Farms
  • Since 1907, the Inaba family has cultivated the finest produce from the rich volcanic soil of Washington’s Yakima Valley. Each spring they delight the taste buds of PCC shoppers with the first local and organic asparagus of the season, followed by sweet, crisp organic watermelon come summer. Take a tour of their farm, learn more about watermelon, and hear their story of perseverance.

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  • Former West Seattle PCC employee Heather McClung realized her dream of great hops and malt with the founding of local microbrewery Schooner EXACT. Along with her husband Matt McClung, they craft beer that is pure Northwest in character, as clean as a Cascade stream, with bright hops reminiscent of spruce and fir, and a rich, warm, agile maltiness.

goat cheese
    Ruth Babcock loves to farm and cares for their livestock; Lori Babcock, a gifted cook, makes the cheese from the pails of fresh milk Ruth carries in each morning. Savor this seasonal cheese from April to October. Listen to the podcast »

Full Circle
  • Full Circle (04:32)

    Full Circle founder Andrew Stout tells us how and why he got into farming and what makes his fresh, organic salad mix so special.

  • Inaba Produce is a third generation family farm dug into the rich volcanic soil of the Yakima Valley. Many of the sustainable farming practices used today were started in 1907 when Shukichi Inaba and his brother came from Japan, cleared the land of sagebrush and with techniques learned in Japan, began cultivating crops.

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ice cream
  • Snoqualmie Ice Cream is a sweet end to a well-lived day. The team uses fresh, local cream to craft custom ice cream flavors in their sustainable, award-winning Maltby, Wash. ice cream plant. They don’t believe in secret ingredients, fluffers, fillers or waste and grow many of their ingredients on site.

Theo Chocolate
  • Theo Chocolate (03:38)

    Theo produces premium organic and Fair Trade specialty chocolate.

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