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"New Day Northwest"

PCC was featured on KING 5 TV’s "New Day Northwest" regularly for two years, and we continue to make occasional visits. Check the videos for recipes, nutrition tips and other useful advice from numerous PCC staff members.

Love your leftovers!
  • August 18, 2014

    Whether it’s because we’ve strayed from our shopping lists, decided to eat out instead of cook the food we have, or simply waited too long to eat what's on hand, there’s a good chance we’ve all wasted food this week. The King County Food: Too Good to Waste program shows us how much is actually wasted and how to reduce that amount in your home. King County spokesperson Karen May joined host Margaret Larson on the show, and PCC Chef Jackie Freeman demonstrated how easy it is to turn leftovers into a delicious salad.

    For more ideas on what to make with your leftovers, check out the following recipes:

    Think you don't waste much food at home? Take the Food: Too Good To Waste Challenge to find out!

Brussels Sprouts
Food Matters with PCC
PCC Chef Lynne Vea on New Day NW
asparagus tart
  • March 28, 2012

    PCC Chef Lynne Vea says, "This tart is the perfect way to usher in spring! The jade green asparagus cook up gold tinged and tender, nestled in their bed of flaky pastry and creamy goat cheese. A spark of prosciutto and fresh thyme leaves finish the presentation beautifully!"

    Check out our selection of quinoa salad recipes.

banana cream pie
  • March 14, 2012

    There are numerous variations on the theme of good ol’ banana cream pie. You certainly can use a prebaked pastry crust, perhaps sprinkled with crushed brittle or chopped peanuts, or your favorite cookie-crumb-style crust. You can make the filling from scratch or use an excellent vanilla pudding mix. The key is to create a decadent, cool, silky environment for really great organic bananas.

    This recipe from my grandmother’s ever-bountiful kitchen really ups the wow factor with the addition of peanut brittle or roasted peanuts in the crust and as a garnish, and a smoky bourbon caramel sauce for drizzling each slice. Yum!

Shrimp Taco
  • March 08, 2012

    I adore shrimp tacos! The flavors are fresh, vibrant and, if you choose, fiery. My version takes advantage of easy yet stellar ingredients, which we do very well here at PCC: sweet, bright American shrimp; whole coriander; colorful organic produce; and locally milled masa harina (yellow corn flour) for traditional, steaming-hot tortillas. Succulent, healthy and beautiful! Hmmm, what could be better than that?

    Learn more:

  • February 14, 2012

    Whether you are creating a romantic environment for two or a festive party for a group, this recipe comes together in a flash and never fails to please! To simplify the process even further, you may make the fondue ahead of time, store it in the fridge and heat it gently just before serving. For maximum impact, offer a mix of tart-sweet apples, creamy potatoes and bright veggies in addition to the quintessential artisanal bread!

    Additional cheese information:

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