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Summertime Fritters
  • August 01, 2014

    Gad zukes! A food processor and a few common ingredients help these fritters come together with ease. PCC Chef Jackie Freeman gets lots of assistance with vegetable prep from her helper Jasper and his mom, Claudia. Jasper loved these fritters – we hope your family does, too!

Little Eorthe Farm chickens
  • July 17, 2014

    The petite 35-acre Little Eorthe Farm is part of the larger Orting Valley Farms, a PCC Farmland Trust project since 2009. Little Eorthe's 600 hens are free to roam acres of healthy pasture, and it's no surprise that this relaxed, highly nutritious lifestyle results in delicious eggs. We talk to farmer Carrie Little about how she uses the chickens to help clear and fertilize her land while collecting their exceptional eggs. You'll find these eggs at our Seward Park, Issaquah and West Seattle locations.

Best Blueberries
  • July 04, 2014

    Mark LaPierre, of LaPierre Farms in Zillah, Wash., uses everything from falcons to blow-up toys to ensure his berries are the best. They're so good, PCC Natural Markets buys the whole crop.

Blueberry Hand Pies
  • July 01, 2014

    Fresh blueberries and prepared whole wheat crusts are easy to combine in these sweet, delicious hand pies. Chant along with PCC Chef Jackie Freeman and her helper, Dora: When I say "I want," you say, "Pie!"

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Grilling: great results with grass-fed beef
  • June 26, 2014

    Using two affordable, well-marbled cuts of grass-fed beef, PCC Chef Lynne Vea shows how easy it is to get juicy, delicious results on the grill. A quick sprinkle of salt and pepper keeps the rich flavor of the beef front and center.

Kids Market Nights
  • June 20, 2014

    We've come up with a fun way to get kids excited about fruits and veggies, and positively involve them in food shopping choices. Visit Market Night at Bailey Gatzert Elementary school and find out why these kids prefer carrots to candy.

Greenlake Village now open!
  • June 06, 2014

    We've doubled our presence in the Green Lake area by opening a store at Greenlake Village. Evening Magazine pays a visit to check out fast, delicious ideas for a picnic at the lake, including a fresh, whole fruit smoothie. Look out for flying pizza dough!

Kale Pesto
  • June 01, 2014
    Kale Pesto (04:04)

    It's hard to find a more nutritious vegetable than kale but at first glance it's not likely to be popular with kids. PCC Jackie Freeman proves otherwise, using kale pesto to make green eggs and ham with four-and-a-half-year-old Kazuo.

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Tieton cheese
  • May 23, 2014

    Lori and Ruth Babcock left tech careers to pursue farming. Today, this couple's farmstead operation Tieton Farm & Creamery is known for wheels of artisan sheep and goat's milk cheeses. PCC Natural Market's Chef Lynne Vea visits to check out the cheesemaking, and the adorable baby goats. As their slogan says, "happy animals make great cheese!"

Inaba Farms Asparagus
  • May 09, 2014

    Inaba Produce is a third-generation family farm dug into the rich volcanic soil of the Yakima Valley. Many farming practices they use today date back to 1907, when Shukichi Inaba and his brother emigrated from Japan, cleared the land of sagebrush and cultivated crops using techniques from their homeland.

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