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Original air date: 11/24/2010

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Here are the quintessential "go-to" recipes for turkey leftovers. Everyone in your family will love these recipes!


Also available through December:
Complete Holiday dinners and Holiday Meats


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I love the natural products that are available at my local pcc. The last visit was a little dissapointing though, because in the past, I have enjoyed a gluten-free muffin in your deli dept. I hope you will continue to provide these to the public. thank you

GF Muffins

We Are currently offering 3 flavors of wheat free muffins in all of our locations:

Pumpkin (Seasonal)

These are called Golden Muffins and are baked with Brown rice flour.

Thanks for your inquiry!


Can you please provide the nutritional facts for your pumpkin and cherry muffins?

Thanks you

Regarding Muffin Nutrional Information

Hi Jennifer,

Our Golden Pumpkin Currant Muffins contain approximately 409 calories each.

Our Golden Cherry Muffins contain approximately 570 calories each.



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