Holiday how-to videos

Our video library offers step-by-step guidance to help you prepare a host of holiday favorites, from appealing appetizers to delightful, decadent desserts. Learn how to blend spices into your very own custom turkey brine; select just the right sparkling wine for your celebration; and even, how to make homemade mustard to give as a gift. Explore, create and savor!

Make your own chicken stock from scratch
  • The secret to incredible soups and risotto? Rich, nourishing homemade stock, made fresh right in your own kitchen. Join PCC Chef Lynne Vea for a step-by-step tutorial in the art of stock-making.

Make your own vegetable stock from scratch
  • Learn how to combine produce, sea vegetables, aromatics and spices into your own custom vegetable stock, ready to flavor your home cooking. PCC Chef Lynne Vea shares her tips and tricks.

Diestel Family Turkey Ranch
  • You'll find it at PCC: Plump, moist, fresh all-natural turkeys each holiday season, as well as sliced turkey available to take home from our deli and proudly featured inside our deli sandwiches and wraps. For organic turkey, look for Diestel's "Heidi's Hens," named for Tim and Joan Diestel's daughter, Heidi.

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