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Learn how buying in bulk can save you money, reduce excess packaging and even help clear cluttered pantries.

Get to know and explore our bulk department.

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I only buy spices in bulk

I always get small quantities of spices when I need them for a recipe or slightly larger quantities of spices I use more frequently on the stove top (like garlic granules and chili powder). Why buy one of those big bottles that's been sitting on a shelf somewhere, then let it sit on mine, when I can get it days or weeks (rather than months) from fresh-as-possible? Seems to cost less, too.

Not everything is cheaper in bulk form, as far as I can tell, but with things like whole wheat flour, which I use inconsistently, it makes sense for me to get less than a big bag so less goes to waste if I don't finish it this...year. :-)

Good call, Bruce

I love buying spices in bulk because the affordability enables me to easily try cooking different cuisines with spice combinations I wouldn't ordinarily use. Also great for holiday baking when you need specific flours or spices!

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