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Videos about vegetarian

A holiday roast that gives vegans reason to celebrate
  • This Seattle company may look like a meat processing plant but it specializes in vegan products. PCC’s Lynne Vea visits Field Roast to see how wheat, potatoes and apples are transformed into sausage.

Tofu: Four easy ways to enjoy it
  • Join PCC Chef Lynne Vea as she demonstrates just how easy it is to prepare delicious meals and snacks with fresh tofu. You'll learn when to choose silken, firm or extra-firm tofu for your cooking; how to whip up a simple marinade to add wonderful flavor; and simple recipes to enjoy this traditional Asian ingredient at any time of day! Learn more about tofu in this PCC product guide. And get to know local tofu producer Island Spring Organics in this video!

Delicious ways to use it in your cooking
  • Cheese is fun to eat on its own and also is a great secret weapon to boost the flavor and appeal of just about any dish. PCC Chef Lynne Vea demonstrates how she uses four types of cheese sure to become staples in your home kitchen — and even shares some chef secrets!

Make your own vegetable stock from scratch
  • Learn how to combine produce, sea vegetables, aromatics and spices into your own custom vegetable stock, ready to flavor your home cooking. PCC Chef Lynne Vea shares her tips and tricks.

  • Tofu has been a lifelong passion of Luke Lukoskie. He started Island Spring Organics in 1976, right when interest in natural foods exploded nationwide. Island Spring produces several varieties of tofu and kim chi on Vashon Island.

    Do you "LIKE" tofu? If so, how do you like it cooked?

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