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Videos about soup

turkey leftover soup
  • Fresh, local corn is a harbinger of the fall harvest in the Northwest. It's sweet flavor lends itself to a variety of dishes. PCC Chef Lynne Vea shows you how to select the perfect ear, discusses different cooking techniques and shares three of her favorite recipes.

Beans and grains soup
Make your own vegetable stock from scratch
  • Learn how to combine produce, sea vegetables, aromatics and spices into your own custom vegetable stock, ready to flavor your home cooking. PCC Chef Lynne Vea shares her tips and tricks.

seafood soup
  • As a chef, I consider our region one of the richest and most satisfying in the world. (And I've worked in quite a few other places!) We have vibrant crops, vast grazing lands, bountiful seafood, fabulous wines and so many reasons to celebrate our local resources.

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