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When in doubt, eat kraut!
  • Looking for some good advice for the New Year? Firefly Kitchen's owner Julie O'Brien has some: "When in doubt eat Kraut!" This small, local company makes flavorful fermented foods by hand with the help of volunteers in their Fremont kitchen. PCC Chef Lynne Vea gets to sample a smoothie and some of Julie's famous "kimcheese."

Seattle company makes candles by hand
  • Big Dipper Wax Works was born more than 20 years ago, and we're proud to have a long-lasting relationship with this Seattle company. See the process of how the 100 percent beeswax candles are made, then stop in to our stores to sniff to your heart's content! You'll find gorgeous hand-dipped tapers, pillars and votives year-round, plus a lovely assortment of seasonally themed candles.

Best Blueberries
  • Mark LaPierre, of LaPierre Farms in Zillah, Wash., uses everything from falcons to blow-up toys to ensure his berries are the best. They're so good, PCC Natural Markets buys the whole crop.

Tieton cheese
  • Lori and Ruth Babcock left tech careers to pursue farming. Today, this couple's farmstead operation Tieton Farm & Creamery is known for wheels of artisan sheep and goat's milk cheeses. PCC Natural Market's Chef Lynne Vea visits to check out the cheesemaking, and the adorable baby goats. As their slogan says, "happy animals make great cheese!"

Inaba Farms Asparagus
  • Inaba Produce is a third-generation family farm dug into the rich volcanic soil of the Yakima Valley. Many farming practices they use today date back to 1907, when Shukichi Inaba and his brother emigrated from Japan, cleared the land of sagebrush and cultivated crops using techniques from their homeland.

LaPierre Farms
  • LaPierre Farms (03:35)

    Explore the blueberry fields of LaPierre Farms in Zillah, Wash., home to Mark and Marni LaPierre's perfectly sweet-tart, organic blueberries. Learn how they harvest their delicious blueberries and what goes into growing them organically.

Lapin cherries
  • Meet Apple Otte. She and her husband, George, operate River Valley Organics, a collection of apple, cherry and pear orchards on a sunny hillside just minutes south of the Canadian border in Tonasket, Wash. Their sweetly divine Lapin cherries are a summer favorite for PCC shoppers. Take a tour of their orchards with Apple to learn more about their organic cherry harvest.

Firefly Kitchens
  • In 2010, Julie O'Brien and Richard Climenhage opened Firefly Kitchens and their goal was to make nutrient-dense, naturally fermented foods. Today, they produce a vibrant, robust variety of award-winning sauerkrauts, kimchi, salsa and pickled vegetables bursting with flavor, natural enzymes and probiotics.

  • Tofu has been a lifelong passion of Luke Lukoskie. He started Island Spring Organics in 1976, right when interest in natural foods exploded nationwide. Island Spring produces several varieties of tofu and kim chi on Vashon Island.

    Do you "LIKE" tofu? If so, how do you like it cooked?

dairy milk
  • Nestled in the heart of the Columbia Basin, Pure Éire Dairy is the realization of Richard and Jill Smith's dream to create a product they'd be proud to stand behind. The Smiths raise an all-Jersey, 100-percent grass-fed herd that produces luscious and nutritious milk.

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