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Videos about greens

How to prep winter greens
  • Removing the stems from hearty winter greens is a snap! PCC Chef Jackie Freeman shows that the only necessary tool is a firm grip.

Winter greens: simple, versatile and flavorful
  • Whether you're a novice in the kitchen or an expert chef, winter greens are easy to cook with and can be added to any number of dishes, especially once you get a feel for them. Greens are extremely versatile and can be married to a huge variety of flavors. PCC Chef Lynne Vea walks you through the different varieties of greens and shares some of her favorite recipes.

turkey leftover soup
collard greens
Leafy Greens
Full Circle
  • Full Circle (04:32)

    Full Circle founder Andrew Stout tells us how and why he got into farming and what makes his fresh, organic salad mix so special.

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