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Leftover “Turkey and Stuffing” Meatball and Mashed Potato Soup

Yield: About 2 quarts of soup

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These savory little meatballs in creamy potato and greens-infused turkey broth are such a great way to use a slew of classic holiday leftovers. Don’t forget a splash of cranberry sauce on top for a colorful spark!


For the meatballs

For the soup


To make the meatballs

In a bowl, mix the turkey meat, stuffing and eggs together. Refrigerate for 1 hour or up to overnight. With moistened fingers, form into small meatballs, about 3/4 inch in diameter. They will be moist.

Heat the oil in a sauté pan over medium heat and brown the meatballs, turning frequently so they retain their shape, for 6 to 8 minutes, or until they are cooked through. Keep hot while you finish the soup.

To make the soup

In a soup pot, heat the oil over medium-high heat and sauté the leeks, mushrooms and herbs for 3 to 4 minutes. Pour in the stock, stir in the mashed potatoes and greens and simmer for 5 minutes. Season to taste with the remaining ingredients.

Add the meatballs and simmer very gently for 2 to 3 minutes.

Serve in pretty soup bowls, garnished with sage leaves and offer cranberry sauce on the side.

Recipe by Lynne Vea, PCC Chef

Source: Demonstrated on KING 5's "New Day Northwest" show, which aired November 24, 2010.

Lynne Vea


Lynne Vea is a graduate of the Executive Chef Program at Le Cordon Bleu, Paris and has been cooking with PCC Natural Markets since 2001. Featured on King-5’s "Gardening with Ciscoe," she demonstrates easy and delicious recipes using seasonal ingredients.

Lynne is an admired PCC Cooks instructor, teaching a variety of popular PCC Cooks classes throughout the year.

She loves to collect old cookbooks, hunt for wild berries, and cook seven-course dinners where the guests are encouraged to dance and cavort between courses.

Find more recipes from Lynne.

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shortcut for meatballs

I made this soup and it was a huge hit! One variation I did was when I made the "meatballs" I placed them on a cookie sheet coated with cooking spray and placed them in a 400 oven for about 15 minutes, this made frying them easier because they retained their shape and as added bonuses they only needed a little additional frying to give them a nice crunchy outer and I didn't have to wait for any set up in the refrigerator :)

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