Breakfast Bonanza Beverages

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Any variation on one of these delicious Bonanzas can be a good answer to the challenge of "I don't have time" or "I'm not hungry when I get up." Experiment with several different fruits and try it with soy or dairy yogurt, or with silken or soft, plain tofu. Try boosting it with some of our variations. Make it up the night before and keep it refrigetrated in a thermos if mornings are out of the quesiton. Drink it instead of coffee during your a.m. break. See below for variations to meet your dietary needs.


Any combination of the following "boosts":


Add ingredients to blender, cover and blend until smooth. Some of the "boosts" have very strong flavors, so experiment gently until you find the combinations you like — or, add some of your own good ideas!


1. Substitute 4 ounces of silken or soft, organic, plain tofu for yogurt.

2. Substitute 1/4 cup of whole grains such as cooked oatmeal or brown rice for raw oat bran.

3. Try a little stevia powder or liquid stevia (a naturally sweet herb sold in our supplement section and not permitted by FDA to be promoted as a sweetener). Or, add a bit of honey, Rapadura (raw sugar), agave nectar or natural maple syrup.

4. Substitute powdered soy or almond milk.

Recipe by Goldie Caughlan, former PCC Nutrition Education Manager

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