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  • Make-ahead sides

    make-ahead sides

    Side dishes are the playground of holiday feasts. While every family has their rock solid traditions, you can still find ways of adding creativity and new flavors. We’ve collected five dishes (including the consistently popular PCC Emerald City Salad), each with a useful make-ahead option.

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  • Curries

    spices for curry

    A savory, spicy and creamy curry — whether it has roots in Asia, India or the New World — is one of the best ways we know how to warm up on cold, fall days. Curries offer complex combinations of spices or herbs, and sometimes chiles, all offset by creaminess from coconut milk or dairy. They’re a special (but easy) way to feature some of PCC’s grass-fed foods — beef, lamb, eggs, milk, cream and yogurt. Get simmering!

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  • PCC Deli recipes


    Each PCC Deli offers unique and satisfying entrees, soups, salads, sandwiches, pizza and more. Make some of your favorites at home.

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At PCC, we try our best to find delight in each meal, to celebrate the bounty of high-quality, fresh ingredients we enjoy here in the Pacific Northwest.
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