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  • Italian spring dinner

    italian spring dinner

    From fresh, tender herbs to grassy artichokes and creamy fava beans, spring’s bounty is well suited to the seasonal cuisine of Italy. Savor all four recipes for a flavorful weekend supper.

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  • Savory ways with eggs

    savory ways with eggs

    An egg — fried, poached, or sunnyside-up, with a dab of butter and a shake of salt — is alone such a simple, delicious pleasure. But an egg's appeal sometimes is elevated higher with just a few extra ingredients. Here we present four easy recipes with flavor combinations you likely haven't thought to try. They're all savory, so are sure to satisfy for a light lunch or dinner.

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  • PCC Deli recipes


    Each PCC Deli offers unique and satisfying entrees, soups, salads, sandwiches, pizza and more. Make some of your favorites at home.

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At PCC, we try our best to find delight in each meal, to celebrate the bounty of high-quality, fresh ingredients we enjoy here in the Pacific Northwest.
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