PCC steps up to help replace stolen Rainier Valley Food Bank Thanksgiving foods

What do you do when you hear a neighborhood food bank was robbed of its Thanksgiving dinner fixings? Why, mobilize, of course!

Fresh, wholesome, organic produce destined for hungry families (photos courtesy Tom Monahan)

Our head honchos put the wheels in motion from the moment we heard of Rainier Valley Food Bank's misfortune (in Thursday's Seattle Times). Roxanne, one of our community relations miracle workers, contacted RVFB to find out exactly what they most needed to complete their meals. Their answer: produce.

Today (Nov. 20) our produce suppliers, Organically Grown Company and Peterson Fruit Company, delivered $1,000 worth of fresh, organic produce including celery, yams, kale, collard greens, broccoli, cauliflower and apples. That's $1,000 at wholesale prices, which means that money stretched even farther.

Speedy delivery!

Fresh, organic, nutrient-rich cauliflower

PCC Community Relations Specialist Roxanne Winship with Sam Osborne, executive director of the food bank

We already donate thousands of pounds of staples (beans, grains and more) to Seattle-area foodbanks each month. It feels great to be able to help one more in such a time of need. Especially when we celebrated with such bounty earlier this week at our PCC Thanksgiving.

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