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What's your favorite Thanksgiving side dish?

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my favorite dish

How can you choose? My favorite dish is how they all fit together.

Baked pears?

I don't think I've ever had that at Thanksgiving. Sounds tasty, though!

Favorite Turkey Day side

Green Bean Casserole, made my family's way (with cream of chicken soup instead of mushroom, and water chestnuts). I just can't not love it.

Always mashed potatoes

I make them especially decadent for the holidays. I could eat them every day, but then I'd weigh 800 pounds! But it was a tough choice between them and roasted root vegetables--ESPECIALLY parsnips!

Green bean casserole

@Rebecca, your family's recipe sounds wonderful. Please consider entering our recipe contest! You'll find all the details here.

once-a-year gravy

Thanksgiving is the one day when I pull out the stops on the gravy: lots of mushrooms, lots of butter, whipping cream, sherry....and of course, a heritage turkey that tastes -- and makes gravy -- the way I remember from my childhood.

Then, on Saturday, we make once-a-year turkey a-la-king, made with Half'nHalf, more sherry, more mushrooms, stuffed green olives, carrots, peas, all over rice or egg noodles...indulge that night, then freeze the rest to eat on cold, windy, wet days in January and February.

Once-a-year gravy

Your tradition sounds utterly delicious. Thanks for sharing your story! Happy Thanksgiving!

Alaskan low-bush cranberries!

I cannot imagine Thanksgiving dinner without cranberry relish made from Alaskan low-bush cranberries! Nothing compares to this. They are so so so flavorful. Our family recipe uses the cranberries, plus diced oranges and apples and some orange juice concentrate for sweetness, but not too much! Now that I live in Washington I beg my parents to pick some for me each fall! I could do without everything else but not without this!!


@Rene, that sounds delightful! Does anyone else have items they miss from their original stomping grounds? I have a friend who misses mangoes from her dad's tree on Maui. I know others who miss our local huckleberries when they move away from the Northwest...

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