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After three rounds of hard-fought battles, you've declared the Italian Pretzel Grinder as the most popular PCC Deli sandwich of 2014. You'll find it in all our delis for $1 off per pound for the month of April.

2014 Sandwich Champion

pretzel grinder

Italian Pretzel Grinder

Cruising to victory easily up until the final round, this sandwich is the PCC Deli's dream team: a classic combination of salami, ham, turkey and provolone, led by its superstar power forward pretzel roll. Triumphing even against hard-playing, popular Veggie Havarti, this delicious sandwich will be $1 off per pound for the entire month of April.
Italian Pretzel Grinder
55% (86 votes)
Veggie Havarti
45% (69 votes)
Total votes: 155


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