Welcome to our new site! | PCC Natural Markets

Welcome to our new site!

We're glad you came to visit, and hope you'll visit often, as we built this site to serve as a resource, as a place for learning, conversation and action. Please take a moment to read this document, and share your thoughts and questions — we're here to help.

Home page

We put many of our most popular features on the home page so they're easy to find, including recipes, store locations, weekly specials and more (you'll see them as colorful icons across the top). Our site search function is still on the top right.

Farther down, you'll find a selection of news, information and stories in the slider box. Click the arrows on either side to see additional options. A scroll box to the lower right offers the latest on our expansive selection of products. The very bottom of the page — the footer — will update regularly with our most recent blog posts, recipes and videos.

Browsing the site

Easy to navigate

We've condensed our content into five main categories:

Shop — Information on our products, quality standards and stores.
Cook — PCC Cooks, recipes, kitchen basics and cooking videos.
Learn — Producer profiles, news, our PCC Green program and advocacy.
Participate — Kid Picks, PCC Farmland Trust, wine tastings, community events.
Join Us — All about our co-op and membership benefits.

Visit our site map at the very bottom of the home page for an overview of the site's areas in a glance. You'll also see expandable menus and "accordion" menus throughout the site that enable us to fit more useful information for you into a smaller space.

Bonus knowledge

We've added keywords to much of our content (stories, videos, recipes and more) to deliver related, relevant information as you browse. At the bottom of each page, click on keywords (they're in bold after the phrase "More about") that interest you to learn even more, from agave to zucchini.

Join the conversation

Comment and share your thoughts on recipes, videos and the Stir-fry blog. Answer our monthly poll. Check into PCC using your Foursquare account and rate us on Yelp. Share your questions, answers and opinions with your PCC community on our Facebook page and on Twitter.


Certain features of our Web site can be accessed only by logged in, registered users — to conveniently store information for your future use (such as a shopping list) and, to prevent abuse (thanks, spammers!). Here are some of the benefits of creating and logging into your account.

  • Share your comments on recipes, videos and blog posts.
  • Save recipes to your personal recipe box.
  • Save your shopping list so you can access it from any computer, which means you can view and edit the same shopping list from home and work.
  • Register for PCC Cooks classes online. While you may browse the online class catalog without logging in, class registration requires it.
  • Auto-completed forms. Many forms on the PCC website, including our PCC gift card form, will automatically complete fields based on information stored in your website profile — saving you time.

But if you choose not to log in, you still can rate our great recipes and create a shopping list.

Get cooking

Our new Kitchen Basics section (in the Cooks category) offers advice on stocking the pantry, cooking tips and techniques, all-natural cleaning and more.

Learn and have fun

Explore our video and podcast libraries. Find inspiration in our expanded recipe database (and store favorites in your virtual recipe box). Browse our bulk, Kid Picks and gluten-free databases, plus our online weekly specials ad, and add your finds to your virtual shopping list. Sign up for a PCC Cooks class and review the Sound Consumer archive.

We hope you find the new site enriching, fun and informative. Please share your comments below, or let us know your thoughts at webmaster@pccsea.com.



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Please use proper table manners when sharing food for thought on this or any other PCC Natural Markets forum. If a food fight starts, email webmaster@pccsea.com to blow the whistle.

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Weekly $pecials

I think that this part should open up in a separate tab. This page works differently than the rest of the site- it has to load before you can see it and it doesn't have the same navigating options as the rest of the site. Also, on the weekly specials page, its a little weird that when you click the PCC logo to navigate back to the home page the link opens up a new window.

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