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Things I Like

I Like…

The Accomplice and I like to hang at a cool little place called Bar Avignon in Portland. There’s great food, an inspired wine list, and a chalkboard with a list that bears the simple heading “We Like”. I like that. It’s a list of random things, good things, diverse things, flavors, smells, moments, textures and  of stuff that has a particular flavor. Like good wine, they’re things that are particular, that aren’t at all generic, that reminisce of a feeling, a moment, a taste…

These aren’t quite full – on Marcel Proust Madeleines. No sensory time-tunnels to way back then. More like little tastes of things that you remember both vividly, stuff that’s pretty much a part of your “now” – and others that still linger, albeit with a little more distance, like a street you haven’t taken in a while, a song you haven’t heard since back when you used to play it all the time. You get the idea.

Alora, with apologies to Julie Andrews, a few of my favorite things…

Ponderosa pines, sagebrush, warm, rocky dirt and a river running through it.

The smell of rain.

The smell of rain coming, after a long stretch without.

The first sip of steaming, strong French press on a dark, cold, rainy, morning.

Falanghina. From honey to orange peel to sea salt. Unction with an edge and older than Rome.

Simple, but Sturdy Côtes du Rhône, an eruption of just-ripe raspberry and cherry fruit, with wind blown garrigues and the dust of warm stones.

Guy Clark

Lager. Real lager, all pure malt, clean water and just enough hops to make it all sing. Fresh as a high mountain stream.

The simultaneous “wow” at the first sip of something amazing, shared with a good friend.

Jamon, Manchego and sturdy, earthy tempranillo for breakfast.

There's more (plenty) to come. Stay tuned…





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