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Thinking about harvest...

Headed over the hill last week to taste through and decide on blends for a project we’re doing with Terra Blanca (two very delicious wines that everybody will want to be drinking).

It’s that time again. Wafts of autumn around the corner and the golden, lonesome light of the sun saying “adios” as it rides south serving as a reminder that there were only two more days of summer in the bank. 36 degrees at Snoqualmie pass underscoring that note, then Cle Elum and the Kittitas Valley waking up to one of the finest late summer bluebird days, ever.

Harvest is another one of those delicious paradoxes: a festival of ripeness, of arrival, the sum of a year of rain, wind and sun packed into clusters of possibility awaiting passage from real time to a record of time past. Fruit: ripeness, acidity, brilliance—and vine: fading, leaves the dark, dulling green of late summer, betraying the wear and tear of bearing fruit and a season’s hard work done. Life and its passing having a cocktail as their trains pass in the station. And so on.

For the humans who variously aid and abet the vines or “make” wine from them, it’s show time. There’s an almost palpable adrenaline buz, and a sense of heightened awareness folded right into the general state of being thrashed that comes with long work in short time.

Later, with two mighty danged fine wines finalized, I point my land rocket in the direction of The Gorge, taking the back way over highway 221. Just at the top of the hill, heading out of Prosser, the sky opens up, damned near big enough to go toe-to-toe with Montana’s, and there, all on its lonesome, is a big, fancy-pants sign welcoming me to the Horse Heaven Hills AVA. Which is a good thing to know, because that there isn’t a vine in sight—and you can see long, long way in that big, wide open emptiness. Which gets me thinking…

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