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Fine Amor, Old Friends

It’s always a joy to re-discover a favorite thing, something put aside for a while as you occupied yourself with other things. Like a great book that a whole new realm of truth with the benefit of time and experience, old friends re-encountered offer a fresh epiphany in a familiar wrapping.  Déjà vu, sort of.

 On Tristan Shout’s counsel (“you should taste this amigo”), the Accomplice and I opened a bottle Lacroix Vanel “Fine Amor” 2011 the other night. I love this wine, always have, being the Grenache fiend, Languedoc head that I am. But you know how it goes, there’s always a veritable boatload of other tasty stuff to titillate your senses, and sometimes those favorite things fall by the wayside. But what a treat! As lovely as we remembered it, but even better, more focused, more delicate, more complex, lovely, lovely, lovely.

 Jean-Pierre Vanel thinks that Grenache can sing with that precocious alliance of power and grace that most of us think is the exclusive domain of pinot. Evidently he’s onto something, as this wine shows the beauty and restrained depth of cool, just-ripe, perfectly balanced fruit, yet still carries the terroir nuances of hot climate garrigues and the decayed basalt minerals of the eastern Languedoc. Think cherries, and early morning-picked raspberries, infused with wafts of cistus, wild thyme, juniper…and a hint of dry, late summer grass. Drink it with fresh, vine-ripened tomatoes, grilled coho, savory rice or pasta dishes, mushrooms, salads… and don’t forget that it’s perfectly OK to put a little chill on red wines, especially on warm days!

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