Sandwich Championship Semifinals

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Grantland sportswriter Brian Phillips recently wrote an essay where he declared, “College basketball is all about emotion.” The same concept can be applied to sandwich loyalties, which is why we’ve so enjoyed this month’s Sandwich Championship. (Cast your vote right here!)

We’re at halfway mark – the championship round begins March 25 – and thus far there have been two big surprises from your voting. First, Veggie Havarti soundly beat Yam in the first round, even though when we first talked about this idea at the office, Deli Assistant Merchandiser Jared Mitchell immediately declared that Yam would be the “Cinderella sandwich” (the underdog candidate that goes on to success). Second, it was startling to see that Tuna Salad and Turkey Cheddar were tied right up to the final minutes of the first round. You lovers of our traditional sandwiches are evenly divided in your loyalties. If that match-up had been a basketball game, it would have been one for the history books.

My pick for the winner has always been the first sandwich I ever ate from the PCC Deli: Italian Pretzel Grinder. There’s something about that pleasantly salty, properly chewy pretzel roll that turns a classic sub into something new and great. When I wrote about it, multiple friends admitted on social media that it was the only deli sandwich they ever bought. This is the sandwich that inspired me to ask about the potential for election rigging (sadly, I was shot down by our highly ethical web team). As it turns out, this sandwich needs no corruption to take the lead.

The most interesting match for this round is the El Cubano vs. Veggie Havarti. It’s a close race, and represents the last vegetarian option in the competition. Will that help give it the extra votes it needs? Will the delicious melty cheese and pickle slices of El Cubano help it take the lead? Remember, the winning sandwich will be $1 off per pound for the entire month of April. If you enjoy one of these four competitors on a regular basis, it pays to vote!

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