Four sweet ways to beat the heat

It's happening, folks: a stretch of hot, sunny Seattle weather that's actually starting *before* the fourth of July. This is a rare event indeed, and calls for celebration on all fronts. We suggest the following fun ways to beat the heat!

1. Make homemade popsicles

My take on peach-raspberry popsicles ready to pop into the freezer!

Wondering what to do with all those strawberries you just picked, the organic blueberries you snagged at PCC, that swiftly ripening pineapple on your kitchen counter? Try these easy recipes from the Sound Consumer and swoon. For those of you who prefer step-by-step instruction, check out my attempt (and victory) here.

2. Make one of these three inventive ice cream sandwiches

Need we say more? Find the recipes here from our July issue of PCC Taste magazine, now available in all PCC locations.

3. Make a giant strawberry ice cream sandwich

Are those dainty ice cream sandwiches just too small for your liking? Try Chef Lynne Vea's easy recipe for a GIANT ice cream sandwich you can share with your neighbors.

4. Make a fresh rhubarb ice cream cake

Savor the last of spring rhubarb and our wonderfully sweet local strawberries with this lovely (and simple) dessert.

No matter what, from all of us at PCC, have fun getting your vitamin D this weekend!

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