The fight to label GMOs, by the numbers

We're off to a strong start in our efforts to get I-522, the GMO foods labeling initiatve, placed on the November 2013 ballot in Washington. Here's a quick update on where we stand, by the numbers:

  • 150 plus = The number of PCC partners, including creameries, organic bakeries, restaurants, health and body care producers, chocolatiers, pasta makers, dairies, coffee roasters and so many more who have endorsed I-522 and support the labeling of genetically engineered foods. See them all here.
  •  241,153 = The number of valid signatures backers of I-522 (hopefully, including you!) must submit to get the initiative on the November 2013 ballot. 
  • 50,000 = The number of signatures PCC wants to collect, with your help, in the month of October. 
  • $100,000 = The sum  PCC contributed to the signature-collecting effort. 
  •  70 = Percentage of non-organic, processed foods that already contain some, or several, genetically engineered ingredients. 

Learn more about I-522 and why we support it here. Want to sign a petition? Check this map for locations around Washington state or visit any PCC store. Want to get involved? Email us: GMOvolunteers <at>

More about: Non-GMO project


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