A PCC Thanksgiving

It's my third Thanksgiving at PCC headquarters, but the sense of wonder has yet to evaporate. I've been to office potlucks aplenty. But this seriously takes the cake.

Yes, we've transformed our conference rooms into a giant dining hall, complete with tablecloths and cloth napkins, candles, seasonal centerpieces and food galore. Each year, a team led by recently retired PCC legend (and fabulous cook) Goldie Caughlan begins scrubbing, chopping, mincing, stirring and roasting before most of us even reach the office kitchen for our first cup of coffee. Not that we need to head into the kitchen. Janice, our PCC Board Administrator, lays out a breakfast buffet each year, complete with fresh coffee. As if we needed more to eat on this day!

Read on for plenty of tasty photos.

Organic leeks, winter squash, potatoes, onions ... everything our team will need to create the feast!

Gorgeous, plump carrots, parsnips and sweet potatoes, scrubbed and ready to roast.

Eli, associate editor of the Sound Consumer, poses with potatoes.

Alicia from PCC Cooks gives the aple stuffing ingredients a good stir.

Goldie and Alicia, hard at work over the cast-iron skillets on the sherried leek and mushroom gravy (see last post for the recipe!).

Some of Goldie's tools of the trade. I've never encountered anyone who wields sherry vinegar so deftly.

And finally, it's time to eat! There are always several renditions of the most popular dishes to ensure vegan and gluten-free options alongside the traditional.

Green bean almondine at the ready.


Baked squash, stuffed with roasted root vegetables and rice pilaf.

My plate, piled high with roasted winter squash, wheat berry slaw, green bean almondine, turkey, roasted root vegetables and mashed potatoes ensconced in sherried mushroom gravy, fresh cranberry sauce with honey, marinated fava beans (but no chianti), braised winter greens and more!

It's Dulce's (aka DJ's) first office Thanksgiving! Tom from marketing fills her in on key strategy ... such as sitting around the corner from the dessert buffet. 

And oh, the dessert... blueberry galette, pumpkin cheesecake, fresh fruit salad, pecan pie with chocolate chips, pumpkin pie and so much more.

Happy, happy Thanksgiving from all of us at PCC to you and yours!

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