Which PCC shoppers buy the most cookies? Cake? Granola?

Here's what we know from the month of May: 

  • Issaquah shoppers buy the most cake (data remain unclear whether they also EAT the most cake).

  • Redmond shoppers buy the most granola.
  • Greenlake shoppers buy the most cupcakes.
  • West Seattle shoppers buy the most bars and brownies (Seward Park was a close second).
  • View Ridge shoppers buy the most muffins and scones.
  • Fremont shoppers buy the most cookies (with Kirkland a close second).
  • Edmonds shoppers buy the most baked goods, period.

What's your favorite freshly baked treat from the PCC Bakery? As a Fremont PCC shopper, I have to agree that for me, I can't visit a PCC without snagging at least one cookie, especially a Chocolate Crinkle.

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I buy a cookie nearly every

I buy a cookie nearly every time I do my biweekly grocery shop. But today I bought a delicious Ruby Jewel ice cream sandwich -- which is actually grocery, rather than part of the bakery.

Ruby Jewel

I'm enjoying the new Ruby Jewel ice cream sandwiches myself. It seems we will never run out of new frozen treats to try!

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