Galia melon: The soul of honeydew in the guise of cantaloupe

I first encountered galia melon last summer, while shooting this video on melon selection tips with our Redmond PCC produce manager, P.J. Cawley.

It resembled a cantaloupe. But crack it open, and you discover this:

Looks an awful lot like honeydew, right?

One whiff of its sticky-sweet fragrance transported me instantly to childhood and the neon green "melon" flavor syrup Mom poured over the shave ice she'd grind for us in the summertime: happiness. This galia was perfectly ripe, true to P.J.'s melon selection tips. It turns out it's a hybrid, an ideal solution for those who can't choose between honeydew or cantaloupe, its parent melons (isn't it fun to say "parent melons?").

Do you love adding melon to just about anything? Check out these melon recipes from our database. Come with me to Inaba Farms in Wapato, Wash. to see where PCC gets its organic watermelon later in the summer. And follow this handy how-to video for a quick, easy method to slice it without cutting yourself.

What are some of your favorite melon varieties? How do you like to eat it?



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