A brand new PCC in the works!

Those of you at Tuesday night's Annual Meeting heard it first: PCC is opening its 10th location! 

This new store, slated to open in 2013 just east of Green Lake in Seattle, will fill the (literal) giant gaping hole where the Vitamilk Dairy once stood, across from the Little Red Hen and a stone's throw from Rosita's and many a sporting goods store.

PCC will be part of a mixed-use project (PCC, apartments, public space, other retail) dubbed Green Lake Village located between N.E. 72nd St. and N.E. 71st St. along Woodlawn Ave. N.E. and 5th Ave. N.E.


Says our CEO, Tracy Wolpert: "PCC is thrilled to be part of this exciting project in such a vibrant neighborhood." Read the entire press release here.

Fans of the current Greenlake store on the west side: Don't worry. That store is staying put.

(And for those of you who note the discrepancy between Green Lake (the neighborhood and body of water) and Greenlake (the PCC store), it's a quirky PCC thing, not my misspelling :)

The same team that built our latest stores in Edmonds (2008), Redmond (2006) and Fremont (2003) will bring this one to life, with environmentally friendly features galore. Redmond and Edmonds are LEED gold and platinum winners, respectively.

Just think: you could live upstairs from a PCC! Emerald City Salad whenever your heart desires. 

See you at the grand opening in 2013!

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PCC on Capitol Hill?!

While I am thrilled that Greenlakeans (Greenlakers?) are getting yet ANOTHER PCC, what about a more central location, like Capitol Hill? We love PCC up here!

PCC locations

Thanks for writing in, @Keith! From PCC Board Administrator Janice Parker: "We are in a period of measured growth, so we act with all due prudence in selecting new sites, with many factors weighing into a decision. That being said, it’s important to know where there is interest in a PCC store and we’re happy to hear that a Capitol Hill location would be welcomed. We actually would love to see a PCC store in every neighborhood that wants and can support one."

PCC on Capitol Hill

Why don't you support your local store, Central Coop? They do a great job!

South Puget Sound needs you!

Give Marlene's Markets and Trader Joe's some competition in this area and beat Whole Foods to the punch. There are a lot of people here who would welcome PCC.

RE: South Puget Sound Needs You!

Thanks for the kind words, South Sounder. We are sure that PCC will eventually have a presence in the South Sound. We know you’re growing and so are we!

Janice Parker
PCC Board Administrator

Bothell, Please

Please make enough money to move into Bothell or Kenmore! As communities, we're growing fast and would love to have a PCC here. LOVE.

No organic markets north of Lake WA

We desperately need a PCC in Lynnwood, Mountlake Terrace, or Mill Creek for healthy eaters this side of the 405.

RE: Store north of Lake WA

Thanks for your interest in PCC. Our members and friends in south Snohomish County, particularly Lynnwood and Mountlake Terrace, are very happy with our Edmonds store (opened in 2008). Even for our Mill Creek shoppers, the Edmonds store is a viable option for the natural, organic products PCC offers. We hope you will try it and know that we believe we will eventually have a presence in north Snohomish County.

Janice Parker
PCC Board Administrator

market supply/demand

I assume both market supply (meaning similar sorts of stores) and demand (meaning households who are interested in and can afford organics) would be two of the biggest factors the Board considers when choosing its next location. A 2nd store in Greenlake, located halfway between the one that's already there and Whole Foods? Seems like a funny choice when other parts of the city are totally underserved, like, say, Capital Hill, Madison Valley, Madison Park, Montlake, and Madrona who have only one substantial organic store between them, and it's not a PCC.

South Sound

It's already been addressed here but I want to add another plea for PCC to come to the South Sound area. It's one of the things I most miss about living in Seattle. I'm glad to hear the co-op is growing!

Northeast please!

Monroe needs local organic goodness!

View Ridge store-expansion? Larger alternate site?

It's nice that you're opening another store but we in Ravenna/Bryant/Wedgwood/Hawthorne Hills/View Ridge have a small, older store that really doesn't meet our needs. Many of us still feel the pain of not only losing the Ravenna store, but your (foolish) decision to let Metropolitan Market get the lease on the old Albertsons store. Now it looks like NE Seattle is losing out again. The new Green Lake store is pretty close to the older Aurora Village store. I'm sure you're planning to pick up the foot traffic that lost its supermarket when Albertsons left Green Lake years ago.
When will you give the Ravenna/Bryant/Wedgwood/Hawthorne Hills/View Ridge the store that we have been waiting for?

(P.S. It's tacky to have your annual meeting the night that Passover ends)

PCC for Snohomish or Monroe

Please consider Snohomish or Monroe for the next new store location.

new store location

Please consider a PCC on the Kitsap side; you would have a strong market in Bainbridge Island/Poulsbo :)

What about downtown?

I would love a PCC downtown. Folks could shop before/after work and eat lunch at the deli. And, like me, a lot of bus riders connect via downtown and would appreciate the convenience. Think about it. Thanks!

Extreme Green!

As a resident of the Tangletown neighborhood, I am ecstatic that a PCC is coming to East Green Lake!
I know a sustainably-minded team is planning the new project, but I'd like to encourage them to go the extra mile and employ some cutting-edge green ideas like on-site energy production and water treatment, vertical green, net-zero energy, zero waste, living building challenge, passive heating and cooling, etc.

[I can help! truenorthsustainability.com]

New store at Green Lake

I seriously implore you not to have the same kind of "art" on the outside of the building. In my opinion, it is hideous.
I am sure, there are artists in Seattle who can do better.

Thanks for your consideration.

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