Cottage cheese, so many ways

I think each of us has a food we've never tried until adulthood, much to the shock of our friends. Mushrooms and various shellfish come to mind. Sometimes it's a certain dessert, or a type of wine.

For me, it was cottage cheese. I didn't make its acquaintance until into my 30s, when it suddenly occured to me I might be missing out on something great based on the eating habits of friends. Just to make sure of my hunch, I asked the local food community on Twitter how they best enjoy cottage cheese.

The replies came fast and furious.

  • Atop papayas with jam on top (@fourchickens)
  • Plain with low-sugar jam mixed in (@cooklocal)
  • With a ripe pear (@pastrycraft)
  • With flax seed and manuka honey (@jenniellingson)
  • With cracked black pepper (@rmarcham)
  • With chopped green onions, salt and pepper (@nandron)
  • With a teaspoon of mayonnaise stirred in (@thesunbreak)
  • With pepper or potatoes (@annamharlow)
  • With black pepper and Tabasco sauce (@curtwoodward)
  • With Chobani nonfat yogurt (@hawkblogger)
  • With pineapple and granola (@carbzilla)

What exactly is cottage cheese? My trusty copy of "The Food Lover's Companion" calls it a fresh cheese made from whole, part-skimmed or skimmed pasteruized cow's milk, with a moist texture and mild flavor. I found it to be a creamier version of the cheese curds I enjoy from the farmer's market. At PCC, we carry cottage cheese from Organic Valley and Nancy's. Store it in the coldest part of your fridge for up to 10 days past the stamped date.

I'm still happy eating it plain, though it's clear there's no shortage of options. How do you most enjoy it? 

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Cottage Cheese

Growing up, cottage cheese mixed with applesauce and a spoonful of sugar on top was a breakfast staple. I still love having that for breakfast, though as an adult the sugar isn't so necessary.

Cottage cheese

Camille, that sounds awesome. Thanks for sharing the memory! And isn't it funny how our palate changes as we age? I don't need as much sugar these days, either. -- Karen

cottage cheese

I love my cottage cheese with microwave-toasted walnuts on top (2 min on a paper towel) floating in a pool of Wax Orchards all-fruit fruit syrups, like RASPBERRY! (BTW, I know you have Wax Orchards chocolate fudge sauces -- yum!-- could you get their syrups too, so I don't have to order them Thanks!)


Hi Mary,

I am passing on your syrups suggestion to our grocery merchandiser. Thanks!


Cottage Cheese

My favorite way to eat cottage cheese is topped with cubes of avocado and sprinkled with Spike seasoning or a splash of tamari.

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