A PCC Thanksgiving

Hope your Thanksgiving was splendid! Ours certainly was here at PCC HQ, the latest in a long tradition of such gatherings. Here are a few photos of our feast -- email me at karen.gaudette at pccsea.com or visit us at www.facebook.com/pccnaturalmarkets to share photos of the feast you put together at home!

The spread! Well, part of it. Our potluck covered two additional tables.

Goldie's famous mushroom gravy. Click here for the recipe!

Stuffing bonanza.

 Thankful, emphasis on full. 

And, to follow up on our Thanksgiving poll, looks like your favorite Thanksgiving sidedish is ... stuffing! Stuffing took first place with 67 votes, followed by mashed potatoes and roasted root vegetables. Thanks for voting, and don't forget to vote this week for your favorite holiday sweet treat!

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