All hail Fabian, PCC grocery bagging champion!

Congratulations to Fabian of PCC Redmond who bagged first place in PCC's first-ever co-op wide bagging contest! Saturday marked the high-energy conclusion to a summer that saw 80 competitors throughout PCC's nine locations battle to represent their store at the finals. 

From left to right: Marisa of Edmonds (2nd place), Fabian of Redmond (1st place) and Jennifer of Fremont (3rd place). Each went home with a PCC gift card, ranging from $300 for 3rd place and $500 for first! Thanks to Mimi, Janice and Johnnie for the great photos.

Baggers were judged on proper bagging technique, speed, distribution of weight between two bags (one paper, one reusable PCC bag), as well as the contestant's style, attitude and appearance. It's great fun (think of it as three-dimensional Tetris) and a great way for all of us at PCC to brush up on our bagging technique so your groceries get home in the best shape possible.

Fabian will represent PCC at the state bagging championships (yes, there is such a thing!) in Seattle in October. If he bests the best of the rest of the state, he'll win $1,500 and an all-expenses paid trip to Las Vegas for the national contest in February! You know who we're rooting for...

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Way to Go!!!! Good luck in the state contest! You're a winner.

Congrats Fabian! Must be all

Congrats Fabian! Must be all that endurance you've been building up by working out at Snap

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