Root on your store's bagging champion Saturday morning at PCC Edmonds!

There can be only one -- one supreme grocery-bagging champion of the group of winners that hails from each of our nine PCC locations, that is. The showdown is 9 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 25 at PCC Edmonds. The best of our best will represent PCC at the state contest in Seattle come October for cash prizes and, more importantly, bragging rights (thanks to Mimi, Janice, Johnnie and Nancy for all the great photos!).

Will it be Alicia of PCC Greenlake? 

Someone from PCC Redmond's formiddable crew? 

Or the mighty team from Issaquah? 


Perhaps James from View Ridge? 

Hope we see you at the championship Saturday! Surely it will be just as festive as Issaquah's faceoff earlier this summer.

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Shouldn't that be ...

... "bagging rights"??? :o)

Amen to that!

"Bagging rights" it is :)

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