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Many of us at PCC wear more than one hat. P.J. Cawley, produce coordinator at our Redmond store, is a prime example. It's not enough that he's a leader for staff and a font of knowledge for shoppers. No, now he's going to share his vast produce knowledge with all of you!

P.J. demonstrates how to look for the telltale golden spot of a melon that spent more time ripening on its vine.

Be sure to explore our whole series of fresh and easy how-to videos we've dubbed PCC Quick Bites. You'll find quick, helpful tips on topics including:

Keep checking back, because here's a look at upcoming PCC Quick Bites!

  • Which apples are best for a) eating out of hand b) cooking or c) baking?
  • The right mushroom for each recipe
  • How to select and slice fresh pineapple
  • How to select a perfectly ripe mango

We welcome your suggestions! What would you like to learn about? 

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