NEW: Watermelon eating contest at PCC Redmond!

It's a showdown, and you're invited. At high noon Saturday, Aug. 21, bring your A game and your appetite to PCC Redmond for a watermelon eating contest! Prizes are ripe for the winning for eaters in two groups: ages 14 and up, and ages 13 and younger. The entry fee is $3 for children 13 and younger and $5 for everyone else. Contact P.J. Cawley, Celeste Coxen or Justine Busse to sign up by 11:30 a.m. Aug. 21.

Meanwhile, pick up some of our marvelous local organic melon, make like Mr. M and practice munch-munch-munching your way to victory!

Thien from the Redmond Deli and I honed our watermelon-eating skills during this PCC Quick Bites video.

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