PCC Redmond and Issaquah: Oases for hikers

As you head out for weekend fun, remember the two PCC locations en route to many hiking trails that make for a great snack and beverage oasis: PCC Issaquah and PCC Redmond. Swing by to pick up iced tea, espresso, fresh-baked cookies, cheese, trail mix from our bulk bins, our all-natural deli salads and sandwiches or a hot slice of pizza. Or, just stretch your legs (and rest awhile). 

A whole pack of hikers trekking from Seattle to Snoqualmie last weekend ambled into Redmond's classroom to do just that.   

Redmond's classroom offers natural light and more importantly, a way to take a load off!

They were taking part in an event called The Long Walk, a three day urban/suburban/exurban journey that organizers call an unscripted encounter with a place we think we already know. Odwalla donated snacks and juice to the hikers and PCC Redmond served up samples of Turkish Garbanzo Bean Salad, plus slices of fresh nectarines, peaches and plums. 

A snacking bonanza.

Hope your weekend includes making great use of the sun! And because I can't resist, click here for photos of some stunning oases in deserts around the globe.

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