Register Monday for fall PCC Cooks classes

Since winter, I've learned to a) cook a mean Pla Sam Rod b) make homemade tamales c) craft homemade ramen noodles from scratch d) wield a kitchen knife like a semi-pro e) cook up vegan Japanese delights and f) make a summery bread salad with Bing cherries. This is all thanks to PCC Cooks, our wonderful (and wonderfully affordable) cooking school.

Blogger and author Orangette (aka, Molly Wizenberg) teaches us to make French-style yogurt cake with lemon.

And the aforementioned bread salad with Bing cherries, chevre and arugula. YUM!

Carrots are tasty, no matter how you slice 'em (and I learned four methods at Knife Skills!).

Slicing homemade ramen before we stretch the noodles out. Chef Christina Chung will teach Chinese steaming techniques this time around.

Fresh ramen salad!

Monday is your chance to register for fall classes and expand your cooking repertoire. Will you learn to bake holiday biscotti for your family and friends? Cook up a comforting Thai dinner? Add more beans and grains to your diet? Learn to cook foods that encourage a healthy hormone balance? You'll find all these and more come Monday morning in our online catalog and in print at each of our nine neighborhood PCC locations.

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