Summer's finally here: Make an ice cream float!

I still remember feeling like a genius the first time I deviated from the standard root-beer-and-vanilla-ice-cream float combo back in elementary school and paired rainbow sherbet with Orange Crush: YUM! Twenty years later, it's still fun to concoct new floats, especially with the wealth of high-quality, all-natural ice creams and carbonated beverages at our disposal. With PCC Chef Lynne Vea leading the way, I knew we couldn't go wrong. Check out this float demonstration we did yesterday (click the picture) on KING5's "New Day Northwest":

That voluptuous float above? A refreshing combo of Ciao Bella blood orange sorbet, Coconut Bliss "Naked Coconut" coconut milk ice cream,

fresh fruit and Reed's Double Ginger ginger brew. Fantastic!

Doing this segment brought to mind a wealth of other combo ideas (rhubarb Dry Soda and strawberry gelato, anyone?). What are some of your favorite float combos? I also learned just how you make real ice cream look good on live television: sccop in advance and re-freeze!

Sorbet and coconut milk ice cream, getting ready for the limelight.

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