Local soapmaker donates organic soap to clean Gulf seabirds

We're so proud of local soapmaker Ballard Organics Soap Company. Chief executive Ben Busby-Collins is donating a thousand bottles of his certified-organic soap to the Gulf oil spill relief effort, where it will be used by environmental groups to clean oil-soaked seabirds.

"It's just astounding the volume of oil they're having to deal with in this disaster," Ben told told KOMO4 TV this week. And a tip of the hat to the neighborhood blog My Ballard, which reported it first.

We've known Ballard Organics soap was good stuff for quite some time. PCC was its first retail partner, and we sell its soap in each of our nine locations and even offer it in each store's restroom. It's free of animal products, synthetic fragrances, artificial preservatives and dyes -- meaning fewer chemicals against your skin each and every day.

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