Using my noodle: A PCC Cooks Homemade Chinese noodle class

I've long admired those who knead and cut and stretch their own noodles. It's downright mesmerizing to hear the dough thud and thwap against a floured counter, then watch it s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g out between two confident, floury hands, like this amazing noodle man.

But we didn't do too shabbily at all at last night's PCC Cooks Homemade Chinese Noodle class, taught by Christina Chung.

Handmade golden needle noodles, baby! We incorporated them into a most delicious vegetable stir-fry.

One fascinating thing about noodles is how few ingredients they require: Typically some type of flour, salt and a bit of water. How could something so tasty be so simple? 

Mixing up dough for the ramen.

Jared stretching the ramen dough.

Cutting and twisting the ramen.

Those noodles eventually became this, a fresh, tasty salad with curry-sesame sauce!

We rolled each "needle" noodle from a pea-sized blob of dough between our palms.

The jade drop noodles -- tiny smidges of pasta flavored with spinach juice -- were fun to make. Just drop the batter through a strainer into boiling water.

Here's the tasty result, which, when added to our mushroom and tofu soup, gave it a gorgeous glow.

Even making the garnishes was fun. We used cutters (in the arsenal of any bento box maker) to shape the carrots just-so.

Some were shaped like cherry blossoms; I dubbed these marigolds.

Handmade noodles are time consuming, but totally worth it for their delightful flavor and unbeatable texture. Can't wait to see what future classes Chef Christina has up her sleeve!

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Very inspiring

I will definitely be signing up the next time this class is offered.

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