Watch a little girl live her cooking-show dream on "Gardening With Ciscoe"

If Saturday, June 5 turns out to be another brisk and rainy "Juneuary" day (and even if it's not) don't miss an especially great episode of "Gardening With Ciscoe" at 10 a.m. on KING-TV. Co-host Meeghan Black and PCC Chef Lynne Vea team up to cook some delightful Italian-inspired dishes with Ella, a local 6-year-old with a passion for food and cooking who is battling a type of cancer known as neuroblastoma.

Ella, admiring her handiwork.

As an avid cooking show fan, her wish was an appearance on Food Network and the chance to meet some of its stars. But her illness has kept her from traveling, and PCC is proud to have made at least some small part of her wish come true. PCC Cooks instructor Iole Aguero also provided Ella a hands-on cooking class (with several of her friends!) last Friday at PCC Edmonds. You can read about her day here. We're thrilled that Ella has been treatment-free for two months and has been able to attend school part-time. May she find many more adventures in the kitchen!

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