One hundred miles, nine PCC stores, one day

Rain couldn't dampen their enthusiasm. Neither could 18 flat tires, one broken derailleur and a 12-plus hour journey over 100 miles. The nearly 20-member crew of PCC's third Tour de Neuf managed to visit all nine co-op locations by bike on Memorial Day! And what a day it was.

The crew, led by organizer extraordinaire and PCC Fremont assistant store director Layton Wakatsuki (far left), posing in the parking lot of the newly remodeled Issaquah PCC, the tour's official start.

The ride itself was just one aspect of this logistical challenge. The day began at 7 a.m. at PCC Fremont, where the crew loaded a rented truck with bikes, then piled into rented vans for the trip to the starting point: PCC Issaquah. They (and a pair of support vans piloted by customer service manager Mimi Simmons and Jeff Johnson from PCC Fremont's produce department) journeyed from there to Redmond, Kirkland, Edmonds, Greenlake, View Ridge, Seward Park, West Seattle and finally, many hours later, Fremont.

Check out that form!

A shoutout to PCC Cooks on the jersey of Craig Scheak, husband of PCC Cooks manager Marilyn McCormick.

And on the back as well!

The crew was beset with repairs throughout the journey -- 18 flats total! Ouch. That's enough to fly through anyone's backup supply, hence, the group bought six extra tubes at one point during the day.

Wet weather made for a soggy ride early the day. Rain = soggy shoes. Thank goodness for this afternoon sunburst!

A contingent of the determined crew. From left: Alana Anderson, Esther Gorsuch, Dylan Hendricks and Jacqui Levy of PCC Fremont and in the yellow, Rachel Marcotte of PCC Edmonds.



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I am humbled!

I can only aspire to ride over 100 miles in one day. Great work!

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