Where's the grass-fed beef? At PCC

There's a lot to like about grass-fed meats: Higher concentrations of omega-3 fatty acids; Less fat; Delicious flavor; Cattle and sheep eating a diet their bodies were designed to eat. At PCC we offer 100-percent grass-fed meats from Thundering Hooves in Walla Walla, Wash. (find it fresh at PCC Fremont, with more locations to come, and frozen all stores for now),  Eel River Organic Beef from northern California and Umpqua Valley Lamb of Oregon. 

Our PCC crew headed to KING 5 TV's studios Wednesday to talk (and cook) grass-fed beef on New Day Northwest. It was great fun being a fly on the wall as the broadcast came together.

Sven, our meat merchandiser, shares his favorite cut of beef: a hefty bone-in rib steak.

PCC Chef Lynne Vea mixing up ground grass-fed beef with carmelized onoins for moisture. She pre-cooked the burgers to medium rare so that they'd finish cooking quickly during the show's cooking segment.

                   Ever wonder how to perfectly form a burger? Roxanne's dainty hands form these lovely patties with a biscuit cutter (note: I'm so entranced by this I can't get my finger out of the lens!).

Lynne is an amazing cook, a lovely person, and highly skilled at making things look wonderful on television. Here's some of her handiwork for the show. Check out some of her past work.

Dress-rehearsal in the studio. Wednesday's show also featured violinist Regina Carter, reps from the Salvation Army spreading word of a giant food packaging party for Haiti this weekend and much, much more!

See the finished video here! Catch New Day Northwest weekdays at 11 a.m. on KING5, and don't miss PCC's segments every other Wednesday. Coming up: PCC talks summer sun protection. Not that we would know anything about the sun on a dreary day like today...


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