A missing face at Seward Park

Our Seward Park community mourns the passing of Robert Hansen, 58, a "Real Change" vendor who regularly sold the paper in downtown Seattle and outside our Seward Park PCC store. He's described as an advocate and a kind, jovial person, a man with infectious enthusiasm, who always had a kind word to say. Read more about Mr. Hansen here. Hear more about Mr. Hansen here, via KPLU. And here's another tribute to him via Seattle Times columnist Nicole Brodeur. May he rest in peace.

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Seattle Times Story Mentions PCC Donation to Real Change

Read in ST that PCC was considering sponsoring a room at the new Real Change offices. Are you soliciting for private citizens to help? I would.


I'm checking into it...

... and hope to have an answer this week, Bruce. Thanks for writing! -- Karen.

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