Kid Picks items help Children's Hospital through June 15

Did you know children 12 and younger can pick out a free piece of fruit each time they visit PCC? It's part of Kid Picks, our taste-test program that since 2004 has identified hundreds of kid-tasted and approved items sold in our stores.

Parents look for the orange Kid Picks signs when shopping to find items given a thumbs-up by youngsters around the Puget Sound region. Actually, plenty of people beyond parents look for those signs, because anything marked with them is bound to be tasty. Kids, after all, have some of the most discerning taste buds around.


Through June 15, there's even more reason to seek out Kid Picks items on your next trip to PCC: PCC will donate five percent of Kid Picks product sales, up to a total of $10,000, to support the Seattle Children's Hospital outreach as part of the Families Helping Families partnership.

Stay in the know on the latest Kid Pick events, newly approved items and the whereabouts of the Kid Picks mobile on the program's new Facebook page, or follow the Kid Picks crew on Twitter. Next stop: Sunday, May 9 at the Kirkland Half Marathon, where the crew will hand out healthy samples for the younger crowd and fresh fruit to race participants. Visit for more details.


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Enjoy delicious samples,

Enjoy delicious samples, hands-on activities and leave with information that will help feed the whole family. child , picky eaters and dedicated parents all welcome.

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