Ch-ch-ch chia seeds, for energy. Find them in our bulk spices section.

To those of you who stuck with a New Year's resolution to exercise more, I salute you. As for me, I fell off the wagon for a time in February, feeling too tired and groggy to run or swim. "Dude, you should totally eat chia seeds," piped up my friend Katie, who's training for her second triathlon, fueled by an ever-improving diet.

Chia seeds? Yes. They're a nutty-tasting whole grain that resembles poppy seeds, rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and fiber, and also feature calcium, magnesium and other vital nutrients. I tried them sprinkled atop yogurt for a week. I felt energized. When we ran Green Lake, I found I had the energy to want to go around again. A month later and I'm solidly back on the wagon. It's a good place to be.

Nope, that's not black pepper on my yogurt, but chia seeds.

Turns out, chia has been cultivated since ancient times in Central America and long revered as a high-energy food. They're mentioned as a superfood in "Born to Run", a popular book about the origins of running and superathletes. Celebrity doctors Weil and Oz both sing chia's praises.

While many friends credit chia seeds for an extra energy boost, I'm inclined to think the result is part seed, part the foods you eat in order to enjoy the seeds -- yogurt with fruit, fresh-fruit smoothies, salads, oatmeal, fiber-rich pumpkin muffins, etc. We each can use more whole grains, fiber and produce in our diet, especially those of us who need the stamina to keep running, dancing, chasing toddlers, lifting, rowing, gardening, climbing.

Find them in our bulk spice section. And tell us: What other foods leave you energized? I've become a huge fan of roasted sweet potatoes for many of the same benefits.

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