Sweater drive: Guess how many you gave?

A beautiful day in the neighborhood, indeed. It's 68 degrees at Seatac Airport, the warmest March 24 on record since 1960. And, the final numbers are in from the Misters Rogers Neighborhood Sweater Drive. Are you ready? 

Together, PCC shoppers and KCTS viewers donated more than 5,000 sweaters, coats and other cozy items in January and February. That translates into 125 large bags of adult clothing donated to Northwest Center, 26 large bags of children's clothing donated to Wellspring Family Services and three large bags of shoes donated to Virgina Mason's "Shoes for Haiti" Drive. Wow!

In case you've ever wondered what 5,000 items of clothing looks like. Imagine all that warmth!

On a sunny day like today, it's easy to take warmth for granted. Thank you for sharing yours!

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