Thanksgiving adventures (of bagging groceries and roasting a 19-lb bird)

Like many of my office teammates, I deployed to a PCC store (Redmond!) last week to bag groceries, stock shelves and help "face" the wine department and canned-food aisle ("face" is the grocery term for making displays look nice and neat, largely by turning labels so that they face out toward all of you shoppers.  Let me tell you ... it's so disappointing to achieve a perfect display of diced, fire-roasted tomatoes only to have someone come along and buy one of them ;)

But I digress. The Redmond staff was so much fun and I wish I lived closer so I could visit the store more often (and eat more samples of our glorious pecan pie!). Saw so many gift ideas while I was there, from fun hats by San Diego Hat Co. to cool zippered pouches made from recycled materials to gorgeous candles.

Fun bags and zippered pouches.

I also saw the pretty handiwork of our graphics department. To wit: 

See those pretty images up above the aisles? 

Reporting for bagging duty!

Did you know PCC's aprons are ergonomic? Do you share my intrigue that such a thing exists? Apparently, the design is easier on our backs.

A bagger's view of the world. 

Some bagging etiquette I'd like to share: If you bring your bags (and kudos to all those who do!) send 'em on down the conveyor ahead of your groceries. Makes the bagger's job easier and helps us get your groceries ready for home even quicker. 

Later that week, I headed to PCC Fremont to pick up my reserved 19-pound Diestel free-range turkey (along with various and sundry additional items, including organic satsumas and farmstead butter from Golden Glen Creamery -- yum!). I stuffed said bird with fresh organic herbs (sage, thyme and rosemary) and roasted it cloaked it in butter-soaked cheesecloth per the advice of friend and local food writer Nancy Leson. Per...fection!

Reporting for carving duty! (T-Day photos courtesy Howard Wu)


Hope all of you had a happy Thanksgiving! 



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