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Meet Anoush, the feline companion of PCC Cooks instructor Lesa Sullivan. "Anoush" means "sweet" in Armenian, as in Anoush Arbour, the sweet rice dish Lesa teaches in her Armenian cooking class.


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10 year old diabetic male cat

Just found out about his diabetes, and am going in today to learn how to administer glucose shots. My question is me being a vegan, my cat eating a high protein diet of tuna and crab from Avoderm is opposite of what causes diabetes in cats; a low protein high carb or hard food diet does. The vet says fine that can happen, but I'm leary of allopathic medicine and always will be, being a naturepathic believer, and eating as close to a pure diet as possible. I have a Master in India and meditate a lot and have tried to make this cat a vegitarian which is possible, but this guy won't have any part of it. A cat needs to types of protein, so again this cat eats 3 small cans of tuna and syruppy liquid a day and I'm wondering if he's full blown diabetes when his diet is all protein which, reading in between the lines, seemed to stump the vet. Anyhow a sucrose shot right after eating is his new regime, and I'm wondering if there's any sucrose enhanced food for cats for this reason. I'm also doing a naturepathic group of herbs called Tripsy, with Stoneroot, Parsley piert, Hydrangea, Gravel root, Enchinacea prupurea, Marshmallow, and Oregon grape, 33mg,33mg, 25 mg, 25mg, 17mg, 17mg, 17mg, in that order, with Glycerin and Purified Water to stabilize the refrigerated mixure thats supposed to be healing and cureative for cats with kidney problems, according to the Dr. of Naturepathey I talked to on the phone. Any suggestions? Jerry Johnston

Cat advice

Hello Jerry, thanks for writing. I'm afraid that advising you on your cat's diet is beyond my depth. I wonder if anyone out there has any advice for Jerry, or direction on where he might seek some good answers? Cheers, Karen

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