A PCC Thanksgiving (the world's mightiest potluck)

I'd heard rumblings of the Thanksgiving potluck from the moment I started working at PCC Natural Markets.

Goldie, founder of our PCC Cooks program, churning out one of her dozen or so wholesome, delicious dishes. 

"Goldie gets here at 6 a.m. to start cooking. Six A-M!"

"Last year, there were so many people we had to eat in shifts!"

"We could barely walk afterward."

Man, I couldn't wait. I also got nervous about what to bring. I turned to a tried-and-true recipe -- the Pear Cranberry Cake from the final issue of "Gourmet" magazine.

Packed with organic and local pears and cranberries, free-range eggs, and organic cream for the icing.

Plenty of fresh fruit keeps the cake super moist and flavorful.

But enough about me. On with the show! 

Breakfast bar with French toast squares, meat/veg sausage, fresh OJ, hot coffee, fresh-baked scones.

Just some of the organic produce for the meal!

Root vegetables a-roasting

Cauldrons and pots a-bubbling

Biggest cast-iron skillet I've ever seen (more than 1.5 feet in diameter!). Goldie has many in her collection.

Quinoa-stuffed kabocha a-cooking.

Lining up for dinner! Felt like summer camp -- albeit, gourmet summer camp!

Et, voila! So many great offerings from throughout the office.

And more...

And more...

This beet and pear salad was so fresh and satisfying.

Can you believe I forgot to photograph the desserts?! Oh well. I was too busy feasting :) 


Hope your Thanksgiving plans are shaping up nicely, wherever home is for you. If it happens to be in greater Puget Sound, stop by our stores for any of your T-Day needs, or, order an entire holiday dinner from our deli and spend your day relaxing with friends and family. If you're anything like me, though, the cooking is half the fun :)


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That's amazing!

I can't believe the spread, what a great place to work!

Thanks for the tip on the Pear Cranberry cake, I was just menu planning and wanting some kind of great fruit-based cake. Plus I love glaze. Going to give it a shot.

Amazing glaze

Hey FreshPickedSeattle! I think you'll really like this cake. It's super moist and the glaze is so tasty you'll want to just eat it out of the pot as you're making it. Just make sure you butter AND flour your cake pan so that it will release easily. Had a bit of a disaster the other day :)

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